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Richard Dobson

Richard Dobson and his wife live rural in the Gainesville, TX area. They ranch north of town on the Red River where they raised their children, and continue to run cattle. 

Richard is a former Marine Corps pilot, and a retired American Airlines Boeing 777 Captain. He has been an outdoorsman all his life and always had a knife handy. He started making knives 15 years ago, with a goal of building heirloom quality working knives that will last your lifetime and can be passed to the next generation. 

He uses extremely high end cutlery steels and a variety of exotic handle materials. He occasionally wanders into bowies, fighters and other period pieces just to provide a little variety in the shop. His techniques include forging as well as stock removal. All work is done in his shop, including custom leather sheaths.

He builds knives for chefs, hunters, fisherman, ranchers, BBQ enthusiasts, etc. Take a look if you are interested in a lifetime knife that will work hard for you.

:: Richard Dobson Custom Knives

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Richard Dobson Custom Knives
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