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Donna Bills photo.jpeg

Donna Bills, stone collector and wire wrangler, has been making Jewelry of one type or another since the 1990’s. She began her business, DJ’s Whimsy, offering handmade, unique designs to the public in 2013.  She intended to, primarily, produce beaded necklaces with unusual materials, especially natural stones and minerals.  By 2014, however, she discovered wire wrapping as a way to make a pendant out of almost anything. She discovered a long-buried passion for shaping wire that she hadn’t pursued since making pipe cleaner people as a child. Then she decided a little hammering was quite satisfying, too....


Still on an artistic journey, Donna, believes that jewelry is a wearable sculpture that should include the wearer in the presentation. She is always searching for an elusive sense of harmony and enjoys arranging the objects involved; wire, beads, cabochons etc. Into a whole that produces the right “music” in her mind. 


She enjoys working with copper and silver.  She likes to think of copper as a “living” material that is meant to age, patina, change and interact with the body. Thus, she does not seal her pieces. She uses Sterling, Argentium Sterling and fine silver in her silver designs. Many items made in copper can be made in silver upon request. The cabochons she uses are often one-of-a-kind artisanal stones shaped by her favorite lapidary artists.


Donna lives in Gainesville,Texas with her husband, Jack, and her animal friends; Beau and Tiger. 


:: DJ's Whimsy

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Retha bond


Retha Bond has been a working artist since the 1960s, where after a degree in Art Education from (UNT) North Texas State College, she taught in the public school system and Retha's School of Art in the 1970s.  She then completed her MA in Painting with a minor in Printing and Paper Making in 2003 from TWU.  Retha is a founding member of the Gainesville Area Visual Arts (GAVA) organization.


As a young child, her Dad would draw for her which influenced her interest in art.  Her 7th grade art teacher helped her decide to become an art teacher. She worked in pencil & pastels at this time until she went to college where she painted in oils.  Watercolor became her focus in the 1980s due to her limited time.  She could paint quickly and more often in this medium. The fact that watercolor cannot be duplicated because of its fluidity and endless techniques became another drawing point. Nature, the elements, experimentation and the Impressionists have influenced Retha's work.  Her work has won many awards in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico art shows.  She now teaches mini courses  in watercolor, collage & Art History.


Future plans include exploring various techniques, teaching and entering art shows, as well as continuing her volunteer work which is something that has been in her life since childhood.

Katie Brinkley


Katie has always had an interest in drawing and painting since childhood. Her interest in art and desire to help people in need led her to her first profession in orthotics and prosthetics, where she has had an outlet to create art in designing and fabricating braces and prosthetic limbs for people. ​Though working in the medical profession, she maintained a focus in continuing to develop her art through the years, transitioning to a full time art career in 2021. She focuses on mural painting, both indoor and outdoor, which is her outlet to work on a large scale. On a small scale, she works mostly in acrylics.


She likes to experiment with different ideas and techniques, with varied subjects. Her work is inspired by her life experiences and passions. "I feel that I let my art speak for my true self. Though a soft-spoken introvert, my work is often represented in bold colors, depictions with symbolism and overarching themes of inspiration and empowerment. My fascination with art is that it is never wrong---it is my expression and how I interpret things---in a world that so often feels black and white, that comforts me and allows me to deliver a message of love and inspiration to the world."

In 2021, Katie opened Vantage Point Art Gallery with a vision to provide local artists like herself a space to display their art, enliven the downtown Gainesville art scene and create a place of community for creatives. 

:: Katie Brinkley Art

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Amanda Butler


Amanda’s photography mixes are all uniquely designed by using various elements from her own photography and other bits of old documents, newspapers, vintage ads, etc.

She offers customized pieces by using your own family documents or old photos with her own work.

After years of travel and photographing old buildings, cars and places that fascinate her, she has been inspired to combine the various elements of these with other old bits and bobs into customized pieces.

Amanda accepts commission requests.

:: Amanda Butler Photography Mixes

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dorothy caples


Dorothy credits her mother for her love of many art mediums and encouraging her art adventures. In 2004, Dorothy started making Lampwork beads, using a torch to shape beads by layering, blending and manipulating molten glass rods into beads for her jewelry. Additionally, she became interested in wire weaving and has incorporated this with her glass jewelry. Her jewelry techniques have also expanded to using flame painting copper, using pure copper and a torch to add color to copper shape in her pieces. 

Dorothy is thankful for her very supportive husband, family members and friends whose support make her jewelry art creations possible. She also helps support the Beads of Courage program as a way to give back through her art medium of choice.

kathie chan

Kathie Bennett Chan.jpg

"I was drawn to art from an early age. With no art classes in my small town Louisiana school, my earliest art education consisted of watching Jon Gnagy’s “You’re an artist” on Saturday morning black & white television, the “Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw” kit my parents gave me for my birthday, and art/craft projects in Vacation Bible School. Learning to sew in high school provided another outlet for my creativity, but within me there was still a huge desire for greater expression lying dormant and basically unrecognized. When I graduated from High School, I knew for sure that I did not want to be a secretary, so in college I enrolled as a nursing major. Then the life changing event happened one evening nearing the end of my first session (summer school). I met a girl who was an Advertising Design major. As I watched her glue little colored chips of paper on another piece of paper I was hooked. That’s all it took and I changed my major the next day. Having had no formal art training, I was on a huge learning curve, but I was on my way.

Today, I hold a degree in Advertising Design with a minor in painting. My artistic experience ranges from working as a Graphic Artist for 20 + years to owning a successful business making hand painted clothing and now painting and exhibiting my paintings and hand-built ceramics.

I want to make it possible for anyone to own a unique piece of original art, therefore, I have a wide range of sizes and prices for my art. The product line of Like No Other (L.N.O.) includes watercolor and mixed media greeting cards, printed cards of previously sold paintings, acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings, and hand-built ceramics. I am also working on a new expression…mosaics which should be available later this year.

ShoutoutDFW published article about me in April 7, 2021. To read the complete story of my journey, just go to and search for Kathie Bennett Chan. I am a member Visual Arts Society of Texas located in Denton, TX."

leslie christian


Leslie Christian was born to the Hicks farming clan in rural, Southern Oklahoma.  She lived her life with red river dirt and sand between her toes as she followed her dad toiling, planting, nourishing, and harvesting crops, animals, and families.  It was probably where she got her first exposure to life beyond this complicate, chaotic world in its simplest form that we live.  She was raised by a family that believed in God in Heaven, in not only attending church but living out God's Word in their daily lives and in the desire to work hard to reach any goal.  Her mom was a first-time college graduate that taught elementary education her entire career in small schools.  Another foundation in her life was for the sense of the importance community has on every individual that resides.  From her family homestead to building her own home where she and her husband raised two beautiful, successful girls, she took the desire of loving God by loving children to heart and made educating young people her life's calling.  She eventually stepped into leadership positions in church, public education and directing a non-profit foundation for abused, abandoned, and neglected children.  She continues to share God's light in the early education of young people.  People that walk closely in her life would surely say she is a tough gal with the gift of gab when passion fills her up.

Her motto in life has been and continues to be 'Changing the World, One Child at a time.'  She will tell you that when she looks back on her life it is one of adventure with the Lord both at home and aboard.  She will also say her life although filled with Faith, family and career would simply be put in a short sentence.  "I am a sinner saved by the Grace of Jesus Christ journeying through this life on my way home in Heaven." Along the road, she loves educating young people, sharing the Gospel Message of Hope, and with support of her husband, Clayton, capturing moments through the camera lens.

jim connell


Jim's a native Texan who grew up roaming around the red hills of Palestine, Texas.  His interest in art was sparked by viewing a film strip, while in the second grade, about native American sand painting in the desert Southwest.


Jim moved to Gainesville from Dallas in 1991 and continues to enjoy making his home in this community.  Jim is active in the Gainesville Area Visual Arts (GAVA) group.


Jim is a self-taught artist and enjoys painting in both oils and acrylics.  He paints in three very different formats; stylized pointillism, subjective geometric representation and pure abstract. Jim firmly believes the true essence of art is in the creative process, not the end product.  Thus, his sentiment, "art is a verb".

joe conner


"I paint with Paper" Artist Joe Conner studied graphic design, advertising, illustration and typography in England. In 1990, she won the coveted Iggesund Paperboard Silver Tree Award. Since moving to the states, Joe has continued her epic career as a graphic artist and web designer. But as a career artist, she has shown her award winning detailed collages throughout the DFW area. Her work has been well received. Her work ranges from the whimsical to the thought-provoking. From serene to the attention-seeker! 

:: Joe Conner Designs

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kimberley dietrich


Kimberley Dietrich is an accountant, mom of one and a painter that primarily works in acrylics but also likes watercolor, pyrography, charcoal, pastels and mixed media mediums.


"My art is my own unmasking of my travels through life. I have had many experiences including riding a camel and an elephant.  I was “born with a suitcase in her hand.” My art has a lot of symbolism and a story to tell behind each piece I create. My development as an artist is rooted in my belief that there is something more to say. My inspiration is in traveling, photography of landscapes and animals along with researching how to make my art better."

She is a native of Missouri and lived in Oklahoma, Florida, and various towns in Texas.  She currently resides in Denton, Texas.  Kimberely is a graduate from Texas Woman’s University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration.  She has traveled to 38 states in America, 4 countries and plan to see more of America in the upcoming years which inspires her artwork.  

She is on the board of directors for the Artist Enclave of Denton County, a member of Gainesville Area Visual Arts and member of the Visual Arts League of Lewisville.  Her art was the solo artwork at the ribbon cutting ceremony for Discover Denton's Access Bank Art Alley June 2018. She was one of the 77 artists (out of 473 entries) in the “Art in the Atrium 18” and Art in the Atrium 20 (72 out of 488 entries) art show of Frisco, Texas May-September 2019. She was one of the 12 featured artists at the Gaylord Texan Resort in Grapevine, Texas selected for the Summerfest Art tour 2019 May 10th-September 2nd, and she currently has art displayed at the Dallas World Trade Center. 


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Susan Edison


Susan Edison moved from Ohio to Dallas in 1981, leaving her job as art director of WKRC-TV in Cincinnati, where she worked alongside anchor Nick Clooney. (His son, George, was still a teenager). A book on news graphics featured her art, & her court sketches appeared repeatedly on ABC network’s national news.


But Texas called her heart, where she opened her own illustration studio.  Winning numerous awards over the years, she did everything from children’s books, gardening & cook books, advertising, portraiture, movie plates, to fashion illustration.  Some clients included Neiman Marcus, Mary Kay, FedEx, Visa, World Trade Center, Macmillan, Harcourt Brace, JC Penny,

Pier 1, & TGI Fridays.


In 1992 Susan & her Bristish husband left Dallas for the country life & never looked back.

Moving 70 miles NW of Dallas/Ft. worth, they started the Diamond M Ranch, running a cow/calf operation while also breeding & competing in reined cow-horses.


In 2001 Susan created her own line of cowgirls & western art, under the name Diamond M Ranch Designs.  Plum Sassy Cowgirls, a tribute to the spirited & tough Cowgirl, has been displayed in the National Cowgirl Museum & Hall of Fame & the Montana Historical Society Magazine.  Her line was in over 250 stores internationally. She was honored to be the official artist for the Womens’ National Finals Rodeo. They also commissioned her to do the poster art for their 65 year commemorative anniversary.  Susan’s Cowgirls have graced the cover of W&E by Cowboys & Indians magazine.  She has been featured in Western Horseman & also was the exclusive fashion illustrator for the famed western couture designer, Patricia Wolf.


Later she moved onto a career as a gallery painter, being represented in Sante Fe & Scottsdale.  Painting in oil, her subjects ranged from working Cowgirls, Cowboys, horses, donkeys, to buffalo’s & birds.  She currently enjoys licensing her images for a variety of companies & products. Susan is now represented locally by Adobe Western Art Gallery in Ft. Worth & by Vantage Point Gallery in Gainesville, & also in several local specialty gift stores.


Susan works out of her log home loft studio, overlooking her beloved ranch, painting portraits of pets or people in 3 different mediums. She also offers group & private classes in watercolor, acrylic, oil, or figure drawing.

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monica fallini


Monica's earliest memories are centered around the wonders of nature. She has always been amazed by life and all living things, which provided her the basis of her later studies in Biology at University of Republica Oriental del Uruguay. Her interests however went beyond the scientific approach to life. She loved all aspects of the expression of life as well.

Monica began to pursue painting in order to capture the beauty of life, which amazed her so much. Starting with a realistic approach, she has evolved and developed a technique, which adds abstract styles to the realism that one sees in their surroundings. She calls this style “abstract nature”, a free and loose style that is full of color, movement and texture. By using techniques that include the use of a palette knife and impasto, she is able to create active and emotional pieces. The resulting works are of abstract landscapes and florals, such as wildflowers coming out of the canvas and wind moving through the grasses.

Today, she has the great fortune to devote all of her time to professional artistry, offering paintings and portraits in oils and figurative drawings in charcoal and pastels.


"I feel that my art is free and full of emotions and I tend to always follow my heart."

donna felkner

Donna Felkner photo.jpg

Donna Felkner has been doing arts & crafts since high school, so her knowledge comes from a lifetime of experience and experiments. The early years were spent in a variety of fiber arts and tooling leather.

In 1984, she took a stained glass class and was soon making windows, doors and sidelights, lampshades and other 3D forms, but it was her Kaleidoscopes that gave her the greatest lessons in color, form, symmetry, order and chaos. She learned how to balance them all and how these elements interacted with each other. It was when she decided to make her 'scopes' completely from scratch, instead of using broken glass and hobby store beads in the object chambers, that launched her into lampwork. A lampwork class taught her to make her bobbles. She realized it was more fun to just make the beads, and in 2001 her lampwork and jewelry careers was born.

:: CG Beads

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stacie forest


Stacie Forest began her pottery addiction just a few years ago.  While taking a community center class, she was always trying to go beyond the simple projects her teacher gave, although not always with the best results.  Her teacher challenged her to try the pottery wheel, and that solidified her love for clay.  She loves to try new forms on the wheel, and is known, as well, for her whimsical sculpture; from wacky birds to chubby ladies.

She graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of North Texas, but her minor was Photography and she has spent most of her artistic life taking photos and video; particularly sports.  But now, pottery is the artistic outlet she didn’t know she needed.  

Stacie lives in Denton, Texas.  Her grown children and husband are tremendous supporters of Stacie selling her ceramics because their homes are already too full of her creations.

:: Forest Fired Ceramics 
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The artist "France"


France, born and raised in Amsterdam to a Dutch father and British mother, came to the United States via Amsterdam, Manhattan, Los Angeles, Seattle, Southern Arizona and recently moved to North Texas. But how did his art career begin? Not even he would believe that a chance meeting with MAYZONE would change his life forever. Call it serendipitous. Or just dumb luck, but somehow France ended up as a "layman" in MAYZONE'S Art Club Party located in Flaming Colossus, a hipster dinner and dance club in Los Angeles where celebrities like Nicolas Cage and Robert Downey Jr. were hanging out. Materials and paint were provided and locals were invited to paint themselves silly.

It was that night, brush in hand, France painted as though possessed, like the Tasmanian Devil. An artist was born. Staying in Los Angeles, he was discovered because of his natural abilities and encouraged by MAYZONE to pursue art full time. In his first year, the entire collection sold to art collectors and interior designers. And as fate would have it, France worked in Hollywood painting as a set and scenic artist for the film industry.

Eventually he became part of the L.A. Underground Art Movement along with aspiring artists. By his twenties, France moved to New York and worked as a painter. Not as a painter of Fine Art, but as a professional, painting apartments. While this may not sound glamorous or even artistic, it taught him about the medium of paint, the quality, textured, and blending, leading him to be trained as a high-end Park Avenue painter.


This hands-on experience became his educational background. His early paintings and drawings are abstract and post modern. Startling. Expressive. Evoking emotional reactions. His eclectic pieces are featured in films, TV Commercials and Videos. Commissioned works are in residences of art aficionados & collectors, commercial spaces including galleries, hospitals, nightclubs, retail spaces, art shows and restaurants.


France has been recognized by art critics in newspapers and magazines for his unabashed natural technique. Painting with bursts of energy, color and style, his unbridled passion resonates on canvas. Some pieces are controversial; others are up to interpretation. All have a special Je Ne Sais Quoi that makes his creations evolutionary to the art world as he challenges and pushes boundaries. 

The most current project is: La Collection Mademoiselle, a depiction of the many facets of a woman. With over 365 registered works, numbered, named paintings, mixed media & 12 sculptures, his art is constantly evolving and like fine wine from France, his work has developed and matured and grown finer over time.

:: The Artist France
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cheryl haas

Cheryl Haas.jpg

"When I look at all the wonderful things God has created, I think wow, If only I could capture all the beauty He has given us in a painting."

Cheryl Brown Haas was born in Abilene, raised in a little community called Neinda and went to school in Hamlin. During her 8th grade year, she was introduced to art through her teacher, Mrs. Griggs, which started her on a path of continued growth, knowledge and a desire to put her feelings on canvas.

"God gave me this ability, so I need to use it and share with others."

As life changed and moves were made to Odessa in West Texas after I married, I met Kathy, my art teacher.  She had studied under well known artists in New Mexico, where she got her degree. She shared her knowledge and love of art with her students, giving us the excitement of learning something new that benefited us tremendously.  On several occasions, I had the privilege of  going to the  Albuquerque Pastel Convention  and witness and study under some great pastel artists. Recently, I had the honor to take a course from one of them, Desmond O’Hagan which was so inspiring, since I had not really painted since my husband passed away in 2015.

carolyn harper


Carolyn lives in Lake Kiowa, Texas. She began painting in 2007, taking inspiration from artist Lucille Harper Baker, her mother-in-law. She took her first watercolor lesson in 2007 at Mauna Lani Resort in Hawaii from artist Lisa Bunge. Returning to Texas, she enrolled at a community college in Dallas taking watercolor and drawing classes. She also took classes from individual artists at the Artist Showplace in Richardson, trying to find her style. She feels that she achieved that on the island of Maui when she began taking classes from Kathrine Alexander.

Carolyn loves florals and paints from photographs that she takes on location. Recently, she has started painting animals and landscapes. She belongs to the Visual Arts Society of Texas and has signature status with the Southwestern Watercolor Society and Texas Watercolor Society.

jackie haugen

Jackie's 50th.jpg

Jackie Haugen is a prolific watercolor artist who challenges herself to paint nearly every day. Jackie will paint with acrylic and oils on a rare occasion, but loves to look at works on paper, and create with paper. Collage is one of her favorite means to give the painting life and another layer of texture . She truly enjoys commissions and working with people to help tell their story of their favorite places and memories. Her art is frequently described as energetic and imaginative. When not in the studio, she looks for interesting places to stop and sketch and has filled more than 30 sketchbooks . These sketches inform her paintings and bring pleasant memories of travels. She has taught 3 sketch booking seminars and enjoys going on Plein Air trips with the Southwest Watercolor Society . History is also important to her. One of her memories from an unusual hometown novelty located on the Old Lincoln Highway in PA started as a sketchbook page and later became a full size painting entitled POT BAR . It was juried into the Irving Art Guild Member show. In 2006, the same painting was chosen
for the March- April issue of Palette Magazine.

She has won many awards through the years including two People's Choice Awards
and Best of Show in a collaborative piece that is part of a permanent installation at the
Lewisville Grand Theater in Lewisville, TX. Her paintings can be viewed at Indigo Art
and framing in Flower Mound and Vantage Point Art Gallery in Gainesville, TX . Jackie is
a member of the Visual Art Society of Texas Denton TX, the Visual Art league of
Lewisville, TX, Southwest Watercolor Society Dallas., TX. ,and Urban Sketchers of
DFW. Every aspect of painting ,including working with her husband to frame her pieces,
is interesting to her. Reading about paintings, helping with the Denton VAST art critique
and organizing workshops for the Visual Art League of Lewisville and all the artist
friends she has made over the years makes life enjoyable and meaningful.

:: Website:: Watercolor Journey

:: Instagram:: @jackiehaugen

carol henry

Carol Henry photo.jpg

Many artists capture their environment and bring it to life. Carol Henry has surrounded herself with beautiful animals and she breathes life into them with every stroke of her brush. Carol's keen eye for detail and grasp of what inspires has allowed her to breed several champion Quarter horses that drive much of her work. She has applied these same skills to her powerful and sometimes intense paintings, as well as her often sublime pastoral efforts. 


What Carol conveys in her work, like no other artist in her genre, is the true spirit of the horse, or any animal she may be rendering. This gift of bringing the multiple dimensions of a beautiful animal to a flat canvas is an inspiration to behold. In many of her equine depictions, gentle pastoral scenes relax the eye, with stunning beauty as the focus. While in her next work the horse leaps off the canvas, revealing muscles and movement.


Carol has received rave reviews for these action paintings that both take your breath away and leave you in awe. Carol states, “As an artist I hope to create art that inspires people on a daily basis. The horse seems to so vividly capture many of the inspirational elements of life. I simply try to reflect this on the canvas.” Not knowing for sure whether she had done this, Carol once heard one of her buyers say he wanted to look at a particular painting, every day for the rest of his life.   Whether it was the beauty of the painting or its inspirational qualities, Carol knew she had succeeded. 

:: Art By Karol

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jose angel hernandez

JAH 2021 Headshot.jpg

Jose Angel Hernandez’s journey as an artist started when the world was counting down the last few days of the 20th century in anticipation of Y2K (Year 2000). He reflected on his life and realized he needed to satisfy an inner desire that was asleep and unnoticed within of him.

As an instructor in Corporate America, Jose has helped a lot of people and corporations improve their performance but at that moment he could not think of anything he had done to help himself. He thought of his childhood days when he would draw his father sitting down watching television. That was when it clicked: the artist within was ready to make an entrance in the world. It was then his journey of words and colors began. A journey of creating meaningful art and public speaking.

Twenty years have passed since that awakening and after several detours, the purpose of his journey as an artist became clear in the year 2014: To create art that is meaningful, interactive, playful, and evokes conversation. The new focus resulted from the addition of found, repurposed, or purchased objects to the flat surface of his artwork and the use of vibrant colors.

The use of three-dimensional objects has allowed Jose to explore and expand his body of work to include abstract portraits, animals in a zoomorphic style and conceptual art. Whether it is a portrait, an animal, or a concept, the 3D elements enrich the message and makes the artwork more interesting and meaningful.

Jose’s collectors find connections with the composition, 3D objects and use of color in his artwork. Creating 3D Mixed Media art has helped him satisfy that inner desire that started late in the year 1999 and will continue to the end of my life.

:: Website:: Words and Colors Jose Angel Hernandez Art

:: Instagram:: @jose_angel_art

Mary J Hicks


Mary’s home in Oklahoma is located in the Red River Valley close to her childhood home. The surrounding area provides much of the inspiration for her landscapes, skyscapes and meandering back roads.

She’s traveled to Santa Fe and Cloudcroft, New Mexico for classes as well as Arizona. Mary has attended many workshops in Texas and Oklahoma.

Painting mostly in oil, but she also enjoys doing an occasional watercolor or pastel. Plein-air is a favorite way of painting, but the Oklahoma and Texas wind makes it necessary to do most of her work in the studio.

:: Website::

monty hoeflein

FullSizeR (1).jpg

Monty is a self taught artist, primarily using acrylic and pastels. He has been painting for approximately 20 years, but has always had an interest in art and took classes in junior high through college.

"I like to paint subjects that are simple or tell a story."


Monty's art has been featured in local events, and he has done commissioned paintings as well. He considers an important accomplishment in his art career the fact that he has encouraged three different people to start painting after seeing his work and talking with him. 

Pam ingham


Known for a love of all things natural and native, Pam Ingham's impressionistic style reflects what she sees and feels around her. Whether it's a day at the lake, a day with the animals or just a day messing around with colorful fabric and paint, the idea is to create something which may elicit a response on some level- art is to be enjoyed and fun.  A portion of any sale goes to animal rescue groups.

:: Pam Ingham Art

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missy sofey kyle


Missy has lived in Sherman for any years and has recently relocated to Lake Kiowa. She graduated from Sherman High School in 1960 and attended East Texas Sate University and North Texas University as well as many classes at Collin and Grayson County College. She has taught a number of art classes and workshops in Texas and Oklahoma. She is a multi-media artist, having done paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media and collage. She has been a Signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society since 1985, has served many years on the board of Sherman Art League and served on the board of Southwestern Watercolor Society. Her work currently is series of abstract and impressionistic landscapes, creative collage, and totally abstract paintings. She has had fifteen One Woman Shows and won over twenty Best of Show Awards. Missy won the American Artist Award in the Southwestern Watercolor Society show in the nineties. She welcomes discussing commission work. She attempts to paint what she feels rather than exactly what she sees and loves it when someone tells her the painting touched them or sparked a memory of some kind.

“My work is like a kaleidoscope…changing, rearranging and attempting to paint what I feel.”

:: Facebook:: Paintings by Missy Lamb Sofey Kyle

carol larue


Refusez de poser vos crayons (refuse to lay down the crayons)

That would be me. I have two passions-art and horses. Crayons were my first tool.  Eventually I graduated to using watercolor crayons and acrylic paint.

I love ‘making marks’; using line quality to make an expression or create an impressionistic image. I always hope to evoke an emotion in the viewer, a response to the ‘marks’

and /or the color. The color is used intentionally and spontaneously.  It takes on a life of its own and becomes the painting.

My story is all about horses. I grew up wanting one, begging for one, finally getting one in middle school. As an adult my life was about riding, owning, training, showing, raising, loving and eventually painting them.

My paintings are created with one or all or any combination of; watercolors, acrylics, gouache, ink, watercolor crayons or pencils.

My education is design. I have a degree in Design from MSU and a Masters in Education from GCU. I am a self-taught painter that  thrives when I step into my creative world that is filled with color mixing, decision making and pure joy. That passion will draw you into my work, something will stir you.

:: Carol LaRue Art

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maggie leverett


Maggie, owner of MJ’s Equine Art Studios, was born and raised in New Orleans. The Arts is something she’s always been passionate about. She moved to Texas at the age of 18. She has remained 7 years later. In 2021 Maggie decided to put her art in full focus. She has had a successful year so far. One of her pieces recently sold for $24,000 to raise money for the Reining Horse Foundation benefitting the crisis fund. 

:: MJ's Equine Art Studios

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Kathy maccarone


Kathy has always enjoyed drawing, and started painting in her teens. She attended nursing school at Penn State. In the 1980s, she began taking tole painting lessons in acrylics and oils after passing by a craft shop and becoming interested. She and a friend started a part-time decorative painting business and expanded their knowledge by joining and attending national decorative painting conventions. She was a member of the Golden Triangle and Buckeye Tole Associations. Once kids came along, painting went on the back burner. After moving to Texas, working as an RN for many years and retiring, she says for her "second act" she has become involved with VAST (Visual Art Society of Texas) and VAL (Visual Art League of Lewisville). She began taking watercolor lessons, attending classes and workshops. She has been doing local fairs and painting commissions with special interest in pets and homes, as well as wedding invitations. 

kimberly morrow

Kim Morrow photo.jpg

Kimberly Morrow is originally from Massachusetts but now based in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. She strives to provide beauty through art for all her patrons. Kimberly finds each new painting provides its own learning experience, and she will never be done learning something new.


She received her BFA from UMass Dartmouth.  For several years, she worked in Boston as a medical illustrator.  In 1997, she moved to Texas and obtained her Post-Baccalaureate teaching certification from UNT and has been teaching Art in Texas for 14+ years.  She is very active in the local art community and participates in many artist organizations in and around DFW.

:: Kimberly Morrow Art & Design

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crystal nelson


As an educator and artist Crystal Nelson enjoys experimenting and exploring new techniques and materials. Her love of mark-making and surface design is evident in her bold and graphic mixed media paintings, prints and collage work. 

Before returning to school for her BFA in printmaking and painting she studied graphic design. Her work is still heavily influenced by her love of design. Crystal often begins her work with no clear image in mind. She often allows the materials or techniques to guide the outcome. 

Vessels and botanicals are currently images that the viewer might recognize and there is a heavy dose of Mid-century design influencing her work as well.

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Mary ann parker


Mary Ann’s love of Halloween got her started making jewelry.  Approximately 15 years ago, she purchased several Halloween lampwork beads from a co-worker of one of her sisters to make a bracelet and the rest is history. 

She has taken a few jewelry making classes, but is mostly self-taught.  Since Mary Ann doesn’t buy her supplies in bulk and sometimes finds unique pieces, her jewelry is limited and sometimes one-of-a-kind.  


She likes to work with gemstones, semi-precious stones, Swarovski crystals, pearls, and sterling silver.  She is also branching out into other materials so keep your eyes open to new items in the future. 


Mary Ann was born and raised in Lindsay, TX and makes her home in Garland, TX with her husband, Michael.  Together they raised three boys and are enjoying their two grandchildren.

jeffrey rolinc

Jeffrey Rolinc.png

Jeffrey Rolinc has been a photographer for the past 40+ years. His photography hobby began with Canon film cameras and grew from there to his current Sony digital cameras. Jeffrey considers his work as a computer service engineer for Microsoft to be the left-brain, and his photography hobby supplies the right.  

Jeffrey's passion is packing up his gear and heading out to explore God’s country.  Much of his work is nature, landscape, animals, or whatever else interesting he comes across.


"I find great joy in being able to shoot and display what and how I see things – using my skills to provide my perspective on life.  Birds, fish, and all types of crawly, creeping, hopping, animals are fair game.  From spectacular sunrises to even more stunning sunsets, to night stars and milky way panoramas, I never run out of material for my imagination."

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alfredo santesteban



Alfredo was born in Argentina. He moved the US in 1966 with an M.D. degree. After 30+ years of a pediatric practice in Tarrant County, he retired and dedicated himself full time to the visual arts. He is pretty much a self-taught artist, although he took drawing and painting lessons in secondary school.

He paints and draws in a variety of art styles, including abstract, impressionism, pop art, etc, using different paints, such as acrylic, oil, charcoal, pencil, etc. He enjoys using colorful themes. His approach favors controlled but dynamic, sweeping brushstrokes.

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christie sasser

Christie Sasser.jpg

Christie Sasser is a watercolor artist and art educator. She graduated from the University of North Texas with a Fine Arts degree and a minor in Education. Born and raised in Fort Worth, she and her family moved to Callisburg in 2017. Since then, she has created an online presence through Brush and Letter Studio. This is where she shares her love and knowledge of watercolors with young and old alike. She uses her talent to paint what she sees around her; from the animals to beautiful flowers that grow here in Texas, but more specifically her farm life. 

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laurie sawyer


After a long and varied series of "day jobs", Gainesville native Laurie Sawyer has, in retirement, pursued her life-long ambition to paint pictures someone else might want.   


"I credit great teachers at Gainesville High, UNT, and University of Texas for encouraging me to do art.  Then I was lucky enough to learn techniques for painting in a style I can call my own.  Nocona's Larry Lemons really helped me with basics.  A recent workshop in portraiture has given me courage to try human subjects.  I have also victimized dozens of pets."

christiane schmidt

2016-08-13 09-46-03(1).jpg

Born in Hannover, Germany, Christiane has an Associate degree in Business and worked in Whole sale business for 10 years. She started horseback riding when she was 5 years old and always loved it. In 1994, she came to the USA to learn more about Quarter Horses, especially cutting & reining horses. She stayed here, got married, and she and her husband trained and showed reining horses. In 1994, she made the National Reining Horse Ass. Top Ten.

Since 2010, she has found a new career at WinStar World Casino but has always liked the outdoors: horseback riding, sailing, riding her motor scooter, glider flying, traveling, animals and photography!


"I love spending time outside and taking pictures. I love capturing the beauty and colors of flowers and landscapes; the play that the sunshine, and light in general creates. A few years ago, I learned how to paint with light; I continue to play around with that technique, and always search for new subjects to ‘paint’."

sheila sicking


Sheila started painting while in college by taking oil painting classes, though she feels that she has always had an interest in art since childhood. Her early memories of painting are the paint by number pictures that her mother got for her. After getting married and raising four children, Sheila returned to college to finish her degree in history and English. During this time she took painting classes in tole painting and water colors. Recently she has begun painting in acrylics and received an honorable mention award at an art shown in May 2021. 

carolyn williams

Carolyn Williams.jpg

Carolyn L. Williams, aka, CLovePhotography was born in Dallas, Texas and has now lived most of her life in Denton County.  She has loved taking photos all her life.  When she was 13, her parents gave her a little automatic Kodak camera, with the little cube flash, that would spin for the next shot! She would take photos of her family, friends, and her dog.  In 7th grade, she had to write an essay about what profession she would like to pursue. Carolyn wrote about being an underwater photographer because she loves the ocean and sea life, and loved taking photos!  Although that profession did not become a reality, her love for photography never stopped.  She continued taking photos, with various cameras, of her children, pets, and vacations. Her love for nature and animals steered her into advancing her hobby with more advanced equipment and eventually becoming a photographer of people. A professional photographer career developed, from High School Seniors, to families and children, head shots, and pets. 

  "I love sharing photos from my photo journeys that I take- from driving around the local country side and finding horses or cattle, to flowers in a field, to the local cities and taking photos of buildings.  When someone asks me what I take photos of, I say, “People, Places, and Things!” Everything! And I love sharing my treasures with everyone!"

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