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Retha Bond

Retha Bond has been a working artist since the 1960s, where after a degree in Art Education from (UNT) North Texas State College, she taught in the public school system and Retha's School of Art in the 1970s.  She then completed her MA in Painting with a minor in Printing and Paper Making in 2003 from TWU.  Retha is a founding member of the Gainesville Area Visual Arts (GAVA) organization.


As a young child, her Dad would draw for her which influenced her interest in art.  Her 7th grade art teacher helped her decide to become an art teacher. She worked in pencil & pastels at this time until she went to college where she painted in oils.  Watercolor became her focus in the 1980s due to her limited time.  She could paint quickly and more often in this medium. The fact that watercolor cannot be duplicated because of its fluidity and endless techniques became another drawing point. Nature, the elements, experimentation and the Impressionists have influenced Retha's work.  Her work has won many awards in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico art shows.  She now teaches mini courses  in watercolor, collage & Art History.


Future plans include exploring various techniques, teaching and entering art shows, as well as continuing her volunteer work which is something that has been in her life since childhood.

Artist Retha Bond
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