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Pat & Leslie Cheaney

Cheaney Hill Studios is the favorite pastime for Pat and Leslie Cheaney. A natural progression for them was to throw themselves into their hobbies after retirement. They have been creating beautiful one-of-a-kind hand-thrown pottery pieces for almost six years. Turning a lump of clay on a wheel and seeing it come to life is mesmerizing and therapeutic. They have always enjoyed working with their hands, be it gardening, electronics, wood, clay, or leather. It’s so satisfying when you create something with your hands and admire it for years to come. Pat grew up in his parent’s saddle shop, so leather skills are second nature. His design and execution of a cellphone case was simply because he couldn’t find anything he liked or anything that would hold up to his day-to-day use. His custom cellphone cases are top of the line!


Pat and Leslie were both born and raised in Gainesville, Texas and married for almost 42 years. They have two daughters, Lenzie Cheaney and Collin Nibarger (husband Breck), one grandson, Reese Walker, and one granddaughter, Cadin Walker. They are proud to say, their handcrafting skill run deep!

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Artists Pat and Leslie Cheaney
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