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Melody Burton

Melody Burton is a local artist who has lived in Texas for more than 70 years. Her acrylic paintings are rich in color, evoking humor and emotions, from humans to animals. 

As a youth, Burton grew up in an environment where her parents always encouraged her to express her creativity. Her childhood was spent traveling with her parents in the US, Canada and Mexico, and in turn, giving her great experiences. 

After graduation, Burton married her high school sweetheart (Dale) and moved to Denton. They enrolled in the University of North Texas and managed a large apartment complex while attending classes and raising a family. 

Putting aside an art career, she received a Bachelor degree in Elementary Education, Master's Degree in Special Education, and Certification in Education Administration. Burton was named Region 10 Outstanding Principal and served as the Principal of Aldridge Elementary in Plano ISD for 13 years before retiring to Pottsboro, on Lake Texoma. 

In retirement, she resumed art lessons in oil pastels, later switching to acrylics and ink. Her art shows always revolve around her travels and experiences: "On the Waterfront", "Traveling Route 66", "Things that Make Me Smile". 

"I want my art to depict the world through rose-colored glasses - no dark colors or depressing subjects! We have too much of that in our everyday lives."

"My paintings have been, and always will be, an expression of who I am. I enjoyed my educational background, but painting is a truly elevating experience that makes me happy. I hope my art brings happiness to others, too!"​

Artist Melody Burton
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