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Maribeth Jagger

I’ve spent many years learning and perfecting my painting skills, but probably the most important thing I bring to my work other than technique is the story and emotion I am trying to tell through my work. Painting skies and landscape can be extremely subjective, and the most important question I must answer when I paint a landscape is “what is the message or story I am trying to convey”? What is my emotional response to what I am seeing and painting? In other words, what moves me? Is it the quiet stillness of the location, the excitement of the bright wildflowers, or the drama of the deep shadows?

My intention when I paint a landscape/cloudscape is to bring the viewer into the scene and have them feel something special… happiness, nostalgia, peace… whatever emotion they want to bring to the painting. I just want to offer them the opportunity when looking at my painting to step into it. Maybe they feel their feet firmly planted on the path or earth and want to walk into the scene. That’s what I hope to achieve. I primarily paint intuitively which gives me the opportunity to stay in a sketching mindset and explore how I feel about a subject without knowing where it’s going to end. 


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Artist Maribeth Jagger
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