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Lanie Vargas

My name is Lanie Vargas


My passion is teaching others what I know about art. 


My desire is to Help You Find JOY through Creating ART.


I have been teaching art since 2014. I taught at Michaels store as a certified Grumbacher art instructor and currently teach art in the homeschool community. 


I've worked in several mediums but I enjoy working in Acrylics the most. 


 When I'm not teaching art classes, I am homeschooling my youngest daughter and enjoying family. 


I use ART to share my faith and to manage my journey through life. I Use ART to heal, to inspire and to worship, to enjoy life.


I would like to teach you to Ripple Joy through your life by creating your own work of art. I'll teach you step by step, no previous at skills needed. I hope to see you in an art class. 

Artist Lanie Vargas
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