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Julia Atkins

Julia Atkins works in acrylic and oil paints, pastel and graphite mediums. 

"When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with art. I would spend all my allowance on learn to draw, paint and pastel books along with supplies I could afford. I self-taught myself how to draw.

I studied under Pearl Ebensberger a phenomenal still life artist in my teens and as an adult I studied under Clara Stovall, a most extraordinary artist and person. She taught me composition and color palettes for Texas landscapes. Later in years, I studied Art at Collin County Community College.

My painting "Carl’s Place" was chosen by a Christian Musical Artist Allan Strickland, for his CD “God Paints Pretty Pictures.” This CD went Nationwide at number 7 on the charts this year 2022.

God’s word and surrounding beauty along with worship music inspires my creativity. Love the Texas Landscapes and most any natural setting. I want to Glorify my God and create for Him and with Him.

Julia Atkins artist
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