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Jeffrey Rolinc

Jeffrey Rolinc has been a photographer for the past 40+ years. His photography hobby began with Canon film cameras and grew from there to his current Sony digital cameras. Jeffrey considers his work as a computer service engineer for Microsoft to be the left-brain, and his photography hobby supplies the right.  

Jeffrey's passion is packing up his gear and heading out to explore God’s country.  Much of his work is nature, landscape, animals, or whatever else interesting he comes across.


"I find great joy in being able to shoot and display what and how I see things – using my skills to provide my perspective on life.  Birds, fish, and all types of crawly, creeping, hopping, animals are fair game.  From spectacular sunrises to even more stunning sunsets, to night stars and milky way panoramas, I never run out of material for my imagination."

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Artist Jeffrey Rolinc
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