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Donna Bills

Donna Bills, stone collector and wire wrangler, has been making Jewelry of one type or another since the 1990’s. She began her business, DJ’s Whimsy, offering handmade, unique designs to the public in 2013.  She intended to, primarily, produce beaded necklaces with unusual materials, especially natural stones and minerals.  By 2014, however, she discovered wire wrapping as a way to make a pendant out of almost anything. She discovered a long-buried passion for shaping wire that she hadn’t pursued since making pipe cleaner people as a child. Then she decided a little hammering was quite satisfying, too....


Still on an artistic journey, Donna, believes that jewelry is a wearable sculpture that should include the wearer in the presentation. She is always searching for an elusive sense of harmony and enjoys arranging the objects involved; wire, beads, cabochons etc. Into a whole that produces the right “music” in her mind. 


She enjoys working with copper and silver.  She likes to think of copper as a “living” material that is meant to age, patina, change and interact with the body. Thus, she does not seal her pieces. She uses Sterling, Argentium Sterling and fine silver in her silver designs. Many items made in copper can be made in silver upon request. The cabochons she uses are often one-of-a-kind artisanal stones shaped by her favorite lapidary artists.


Donna lives in Gainesville,Texas with her husband, Jack, and her animal friends; Beau and Tiger. 


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Artist Donna Bills
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