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Christiane Schmidt

Born in Hannover, Germany, Christiane has an Associate degree in Business and worked in Whole sale business for 10 years. She started horseback riding when she was 5 years old and always loved it. In 1994, she came to the USA to learn more about Quarter Horses, especially cutting & reining horses. She stayed here, got married, and she and her husband trained and showed reining horses. In 1994, she made the National Reining Horse Ass. Top Ten.

Since 2010, she has found a new career at WinStar World Casino but has always liked the outdoors: horseback riding, sailing, riding her motor scooter, glider flying, traveling, animals and photography!


"I love spending time outside and taking pictures. I love capturing the beauty and colors of flowers and landscapes; the play that the sunshine, and light in general creates. A few years ago, I learned how to paint with light; I continue to play around with that technique, and always search for new subjects to ‘paint’."

Artist Christiane Schmidt
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