Cheryl Haas

"When I look at all the wonderful things God has created, I think wow, If only I could capture all the beauty He has given us in a painting."

Cheryl Brown Haas was born in Abilene, raised in a little community called Neinda and went to school in Hamlin. During her 8th grade year, she was introduced to art through her teacher, Mrs. Griggs, which started her on a path of continued growth, knowledge and a desire to put her feelings on canvas.

"God gave me this ability, so I need to use it and share with others."

As life changed and moves were made to Odessa in West Texas after I married, I met Kathy, my art teacher.  She had studied under well known artists in New Mexico, where she got her degree. She shared her knowledge and love of art with her students, giving us the excitement of learning something new that benefited us tremendously.  On several occasions, I had the privilege of  going to the  Albuquerque Pastel Convention  and witness and study under some great pastel artists. Recently, I had the honor to take a course from one of them, Desmond O’Hagan which was so inspiring, since I had not really painted since my husband passed away in 2015.

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