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Carol LaRue

Refusez de poser vos crayons (refuse to lay down the crayons)

That would be me. I have two passions-art and horses. Crayons were my first tool.  Eventually I graduated to using watercolor crayons and acrylic paint.

I love ‘making marks’; using line quality to make an expression or create an impressionistic image. I always hope to evoke an emotion in the viewer, a response to the ‘marks’

and /or the color. The color is used intentionally and spontaneously.  It takes on a life of its own and becomes the painting.

My story is all about horses. I grew up wanting one, begging for one, finally getting one in middle school. As an adult my life was about riding, owning, training, showing, raising, loving and eventually painting them.

My paintings are created with one or all or any combination of watercolors, acrylics, gouache, ink, watercolor crayons or pencils.

My education is design. I have a degree in Design from MSU and a Masters in Education from GCU. I am a self-taught painter that thrives when I step into my creative world that is filled with color mixing, decision making and pure joy. That passion will draw you into my work, something will stir you.

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Artist Carol LaRue
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