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Michael Craig

As a former military aviator and the son of a military aviator, Michael Craig was blessed to travel the world, experiencing a vast array of cultures and landscapes. His upbringing and Air Force career enabled him to live in ten states and five foreign countries, and trek through a dozen or so more. His journeys have instilled a deep affection for other lands and peoples, and provided a mountain of reference photos. This nomadic life gets into the blood and it also works its way into his artwork, inspiring many of Mike's paintings.


Mike works primarily in oils and is a member of Oil Painters of America. He enjoys painting a wide range of subject matter—everything from landscapes, to portraits, to wildlife and even depictions of historical aircraft. He's often inspired to paint scenes that include water, and almost anything that has an element of dramatic natural light.


Along with some evening classes and weekend workshops, Mike's artistic training comes through books and videos. He is a lifelong student of the craft, and also enjoys coaching others on this exciting creative journey. Mike considers his artistic abilities and the joy he derives from painting to be true gifts from God. "Because we're created in His image, I believe that some of God's creative spark is within all of us. It's a blessing to explore this gift and share it with others.”

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