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John Tarpley

John has lived in Gainesville for about 9 years. He grew up in Bowie, Texas and has always been interested in art. Mainly graphite or pen realism in black and white. He loves to draw and try to recreate images he sees. He also enjoys painting and trying new ways of artistic expression. He loves to create and any spare time he has, he wants it to be spent making, creating, producing something that he and others can use and enjoy. Seeing someone's enjoyment of something he has put effort into is the best feeling next to the feeling of fulfillment and joy of completing a creation. 

John's love for leather work comes from his Grandfather Donald Gene Murphy who was a boot maker in Gainesville. It also comes from his first job working at Brookshire Boot and Saddlery in Bowie, Texas, where he made his first rodeo wallet and first belt.


He decided to get back to leather work because it meets his need of creating and allows him artistic satisfaction. John enjoys making a high-quality product that can be worn, used or displayed for generations to come. Personalized items that give people a greater sense of identity and an outward display of handmade art that reflects a bit of who they are. 

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John Tarpley Custom Leather
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