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Stacie Forest

Stacie Forest began her pottery addiction just a few years ago.  While taking a community center class, she was always trying to go beyond the simple projects her teacher gave, although not always with the best results.  Her teacher challenged her to try the pottery wheel, and that solidified her love for clay.  She loves to try new forms on the wheel, and is known, as well, for her whimsical sculpture; from wacky birds to chubby ladies.

She graduated with a degree in Radio/TV/Film from the University of North Texas, but her minor was Photography and she has spent most of her artistic life taking photos and video; particularly sports.  But now, pottery is the artistic outlet she didn’t know she needed.  

Stacie lives in Denton, Texas.  Her grown children and husband are tremendous supporters of Stacie selling her ceramics because their homes are already too full of her creations.

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Artist Stacie Forest
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