Missy Sofey Kyle

Missy has lived in Sherman for any years and has recently relocated to Lake Kiowa. She graduated from Sherman High School in 1960 and attended East Texas Sate University and North Texas University as well as many classes at Collin and Grayson County College. She has taught a number of art classes and workshops in Texas and Oklahoma. She is a multi-media artist, having done paintings in oil, acrylic, watercolor, mixed media and collage. She has been a Signature member of the Southwestern Watercolor Society since 1985, has served many years on the board of Sherman Art League and served on the board of Southwestern Watercolor Society. Her work currently is series of abstract and impressionistic landscapes, creative collage, and totally abstract paintings. She has had fifteen One Woman Shows and won over twenty Best of Show Awards. Missy won the American Artist Award in the Southwestern Watercolor Society show in the nineties. She welcomes discussing commission work. She attempts to paint what she feels rather than exactly what she sees and loves it when someone tells her the painting touched them or sparked a memory of some kind.

“My work is like a kaleidoscope…changing, rearranging and attempting to paint what I feel.”

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