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Kathie Chan

"I was drawn to art from an early age. With no art classes in my small town Louisiana school, my earliest art education consisted of watching Jon Gnagy’s “You’re an artist” on Saturday morning black & white television, the “Jon Gnagy Learn to Draw” kit my parents gave me for my birthday, and art/craft projects in Vacation Bible School. Learning to sew in high school provided another outlet for my creativity, but within me there was still a huge desire for greater expression lying dormant and basically unrecognized. When I graduated from High School, I knew for sure that I did not want to be a secretary, so in college I enrolled as a nursing major. Then the life changing event happened one evening nearing the end of my first session (summer school). I met a girl who was an Advertising Design major. As I watched her glue little colored chips of paper on another piece of paper I was hooked. That’s all it took and I changed my major the next day. Having had no formal art training, I was on a huge learning curve, but I was on my way.

Today, I hold a degree in Advertising Design with a minor in painting. My artistic experience ranges from working as a Graphic Artist for 20 + years to owning a successful business making hand painted clothing and now painting and exhibiting my paintings and hand-built ceramics.

I want to make it possible for anyone to own a unique piece of original art, therefore, I have a wide range of sizes and prices for my art. The product line of Like No Other (L.N.O.) includes watercolor and mixed media greeting cards, printed cards of previously sold paintings, acrylic paintings, mixed media paintings, and hand-built ceramics. I am also working on a new expression…mosaics which should be available later this year.

ShoutoutDFW published article about me in April 7, 2021. To read the complete story of my journey, just go to and search for Kathie Bennett Chan. I am a member Visual Arts Society of Texas located in Denton, TX."

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Artist Kathie Chan
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