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Donna Felkner

Donna Felkner has been doing arts & crafts since high school, so her knowledge comes from a lifetime of experience and experiments. The early years were spent in a variety of fiber arts and tooling leather.

In 1984, she took a stained glass class and was soon making windows, doors and sidelights, lampshades and other 3D forms, but it was her Kaleidoscopes that gave her the greatest lessons in color, form, symmetry, order and chaos. She learned how to balance them all and how these elements interacted with each other. It was when she decided to make her 'scopes' completely from scratch, instead of using broken glass and hobby store beads in the object chambers, that launched her into lampwork. A lampwork class taught her to make her bobbles. She realized it was more fun to just make the beads, and in 2001 her lampwork and jewelry careers was born.

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