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Carolyn Williams 

Carolyn L. Williams, aka, CLovePhotography was born in Dallas, Texas and has now lived most of her life in Denton County.  She has loved taking photos all her life.  When she was 13, her parents gave her a little automatic Kodak camera, with the little cube flash, that would spin for the next shot! She would take photos of her family, friends, and her dog.  In 7th grade, she had to write an essay about what profession she would like to pursue. Carolyn wrote about being an underwater photographer because she loves the ocean and sea life, and loved taking photos!  Although that profession did not become a reality, her love for photography never stopped.  She continued taking photos, with various cameras, of her children, pets, and vacations. Her love for nature and animals steered her into advancing her hobby with more advanced equipment and eventually becoming a photographer of people. A professional photographer career developed, from High School Seniors, to families and children, head shots, and pets. 

  "I love sharing photos from my photo journeys that I take- from driving around the local country side and finding horses or cattle, to flowers in a field, to the local cities and taking photos of buildings.  When someone asks me what I take photos of, I say, “People, Places, and Things!” Everything! And I love sharing my treasures with everyone!"

:: CLovePhotography

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