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Carol Henry

Many artists capture their environment and bring it to life. Carol Henry has surrounded herself with beautiful animals and she breathes life into them with every stroke of her brush. Carol's keen eye for detail and grasp of what inspires has allowed her to breed several champion Quarter horses that drive much of her work. She has applied these same skills to her powerful and sometimes intense paintings, as well as her often sublime pastoral efforts. 


What Carol conveys in her work, like no other artist in her genre, is the true spirit of the horse, or any animal she may be rendering. This gift of bringing the multiple dimensions of a beautiful animal to a flat canvas is an inspiration to behold. In many of her equine depictions, gentle pastoral scenes relax the eye, with stunning beauty as the focus. While in her next work the horse leaps off the canvas, revealing muscles and movement.


Carol has received rave reviews for these action paintings that both take your breath away and leave you in awe. Carol states, “As an artist I hope to create art that inspires people on a daily basis. The horse seems to so vividly capture many of the inspirational elements of life. I simply try to reflect this on the canvas.” Not knowing for sure whether she had done this, Carol once heard one of her buyers say he wanted to look at a particular painting, every day for the rest of his life.   Whether it was the beauty of the painting or its inspirational qualities, Carol knew she had succeeded. 

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Artist Carol Henry
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